Open Source Firmware for Wireless Lighting

ControlScope Device Firmware Version:

As part of our initiative to deliver standards-based wireless lighting control systems, Daintree is providing open source firmware to allow manufacturers of luminaires, ballasts, drivers and lighting controllers to rapidly bring their products to market. Using standards-based ZigBee, this open source firmware can be used to rapidly bring new products to market.

Feature Summary

This open source firmware contains the necessary code for integrating RF modules or ICs into lighting controllers using Silicon Labs’ EM357. This firmware is targeted at drivers, ballasts and controllers intended to offer on/off and dimming controls. It also provides the necessary code for handling much of the installation and commissioning requirements. The over-the-air messaging uses standards-based ZigBee messages, ensuring that devices can comply with specifications. It does not currently include sensor, switch/dimmer or power monitoring capabilities. Those features can be added through Silicon Labs’ development tools today, but will require some firmware development.

Licensing Terms

Our goal is to ensure customers have access to a wide range of standards-based products. As a result, we are releasing this firmware under a Modified MIT License. The “modification” is that we highly recommend that if you commercialize your product using this code, you should certify at least one version of your firmware with the ZigBee Alliance to ensure that your product is standards-compliant. This ensures that your products meet the specifications and minimizes the risk of interoperability issues later.

Technical Requirements

The open source firmware is based on the Silicon Labs/Ember EmberZNet PRO stack and it is compatible with the EM357 chipset. In order to use the open source firmware it is necessary to have the Silicon Labs’ Ember EM35x development kit. The kit includes all the software and hardware necessary to edit, compile, and load the open source firmware. The development kit currently supports Windows XP/7 32bit and 64bit versions. Note, to recompile the source code you will need the IAR compiler, which is included with the standard kit (EM35X-DEV) as a 30day trial. The EM35X-DEV-IAR comes with the full stand-alone Cortex-M3 license.

By submitting the form and downloading the firmware, you agree to the licensing terms.