Join Current, powered by GE for an information-rich webinar to explore how you can make your investments in energy efficient LED do more.


  • Connected lighting and what it can do for your business.
  • Intelligent environments - What are they and what outcomes are they delivering today?
  • How you can get started on a path towards intelligence.
  • Financing from GE to make your LED to IoT project cash flow positive.
  • Our vision for an expansive intelligent environment including productivity outcomes for your business.


Hear directly from industry experts, here is who you will be learning from.

Jaime Irick

VP & Chief Commercial Officer, Current, powered by GE

Jaime serves as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Current, powered by GE, and is a GE Company Officer. Jaime has held a variety of business leadership roles across GE since joining the company in 2003, which include P&< leadership, strategy, and commercial roles at GE Energy, GE Lighting, GE Security, and GE Corporate. Before becoming CCO of Current, Jaime worked at GE Lighting for five years, during which time he served in roles as Vice President, North America Professional and President and CEO, GE Lighting Solutions.

Dave Korow

Senior Lighting Specialist, Current, powered by GE

David has 33 years of continuous service with GE. He came to GE as a student co-op in HID engineering in 1981; he took a full-time position in 1983 after graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree from Cleveland State University. In his career with GE Lighting, David has served as a Design Engineer for Metal Halide Lamps, Project Leader in Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Application Engineer in Europe and NA and then ten years as the Product Service Engineer for HID lamps and ballasts. David has been on the staff of the GE Institute for seven years.

Elizabeth Freeman

Director – Strategic Utility Engagement, Current, powered by GE

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