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Smart cities are here. But while intelligent cities may be built on the technology of today, they must be prepared for the advancements of tomorrow. How can you ensure your digital infrastructure is capable of applying any new technologies? What innovations should your city be tracking? And what type of data can you get out of a smart city anyway?

Join Austin Ashe, General Manager of Intelligent Cities at Current by GE, and Sameer Sharma, GM of Smart Cities at Intel, as they discuss these questions and more, helping you prepare for the future of smart cities while still taking advantage of the tools and data available today.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The types of data that can help you run and grow your city
  • How to design a digital infrastructure that can accommodate and adapt to new technology
  • Modern trends in sensor/edge computing and machine learning, and how these technologies will play a role in cities in the future
  • Insight on how to get started building a smart city

Featured Speakers:

Sameer Sharma
GM, IoT Solutions, IntelSameer Sharma is the GM (New Markets/Smart Cities) for IoT Solutions at Intel and a thought leader in IoT/Mobile ecosystem, having driven multiple strategic initiatives over the past 19 years. Sameer leads a global team that drives new growth categories for Intel in IoT and Smart Cities. His team focuses on pursuing and incubating new revenue streams and establishing leadership across the industry playing a pivotal role in deploying solutions for the development of smart cities around the world—an important effort in furthering the goal of sustainability. These solutions include Air Quality Monitoring, Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, and Smart Mobility in cities. With far-reaching impact, each of these solutions are providing local governments a plethora of data to enhance the daily quality of life for citizens while simultaneously promoting responsible practices to protect the environment. Sameer has 11 patents in the areas of IoT and Mobile.

Austin Ashe
GM, Intelligent Cities, Current, powered by GEAustin Ashe is the Co-founder and General Manager of GE Intelligent Cities. He leads the sales, marketing, alliances, and engineering teams required to deliver the world’s most advanced IoT sensor platform for cities, CityIQ. Prior to being appointed General Manager, Austin led global product management and sales, where his team sold the World’s largest IoT sensor platform to the City of San Diego. Before joining GE, Austin held manufacturing and engineering roles at The Boeing Company, Haliburton Energy Services, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lynntech’s Fuel Cell division, and NASA.

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Duration: 60 minutes
Level: Advanced