You are invited to watch the Making Sense of Horticulture LED Lighting Systems webinar

We’ve spent years perfecting our lighting technology and researching the specific needs of the horticulture industry. The result? LED grow lights and systems that maximize the potential of indoor farms by enabling efficient growth at an industrial scale.

Hear from experts at Current by GE on how to grow your future with LEDs. Chris Higgins from Hort Americas will also be on hand to discuss technology trends in the horticulture industry and customers who have seen success.

You’ll learn about:

  • Trends of lighting technology in the horticulture/vertical farming industry
  • Ease of installation and the ROI of LED growing systems
  • Choosing the growth spectrum that’s right for your crops
  • How real customers are finding success with LED grow lights

Featured Speakers:

Christopher Higgins
General Manager, Hort Americas LLC

Chris is General Manager of Hort Americas, LLC ( a wholesale supply company focused on all aspects of the horticultural industries. He is also owner of (online newsource and blog for commercial horticulture) and was a founding partner of the Foundation for the Development of Controlled Environment Agriculture and the International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture in Panama. With over 20 years of industry experience, Chris is dedicated to the commercial horticulture industry and is inspired by the current opportunities for continued innovation in the field of controlled environment agriculture.

Bruno D’Amico
Senior Design & Product Manager – Horticulture, Current, powered by GE

Bruno is the Product Manager for Horticulture Lighting at Current, powered by GE. Bruno is responsible for the complete product portfolio and ensuring that products are meeting customer requirements. Bruno holds a degree in mechanical engineering and has spent the last eight years designing LED solutions for Current’s Transportation portfolio. Bruno’s thorough knowledge and understanding of fixture design allows Current to meet their high reliability and safety standards. Bruno enjoys working closely with customers to better understand their challenges and finding solutions that meet their requirements.

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