You are invited to watch the "Smart Buildings: Shedding Light on Creating an Intelligent Environment" webinar on-demand.

Companies are looking to building efficiency to not only streamline operations and reduce costs, but also to improve customer and associate experiences. Whether making buildings smart for a new demographic of worker or delivering engaging, personalized experiences for shoppers, building technology is evolving to operate efficiently and ultimately autonomously.

Energy-saving lighting and controls, with a digital engine that aggregates data, provides the foundation for the intelligent environment. Our technology provides a consolidated cloud-based view of energy usage and edge-based analytics to sense and respond to changes as they occur, ensuring consistent execution based on your defined business and sustainability goals.

Join us in the webinar, "Smart Buildings: Shedding Light on Creating an Intelligent Environment" to learn:

  • What a smart building is
  • What other companies are doing to deliver on operational excellence with reduced energy management costs
  • The path to delivering a smart building for your business
  • How other companies have taken the journey and the business value they have identified

Featured Speakers:

Jerri Traflet
Retail Marketing Manager, Current by GEJerri Traflet drives solution strategy for Current, powered by GE. With more than 30 years of experience delivering bleeding edge solutions through technology leaders such as IBM, Oracle, Cisco and others, her work has been transformational in addressing key business outcomes for global companies. Engagements with Walmart, Metro, BB&T, PNC, SoCal Edison, Duke Energy, EON, Verizon, Kraft Foods, Kimberly Clark and others has provided tremendous insight in delivering innovation in customer experience, associate and business productivity and operational excellence.

Anthony Piunno
Industrial Marketing Manager, Current by GEAnthony Piunno is a sales and marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the information technology and service industries. He received his undergraduate degree from the Ohio State University and earned his MBA from John Carroll University. He has worked with industry leaders in a variety of industries including healthcare, commercial real estate, and manufacturing. As the Industrial Marketing Manager for Current powered by GE, Anthony is focused on helping clients identify new ways to reduce energy consumption, increase business productivity, and transform their facilities into intelligent environments.

Nick Diligente
Commercial Office Marketing Manager, Current by GENick Diligente is an experienced sales and marketing professional in the commercial real estate industry. He is a veteran consultant in all advertising formats that includes print, digital, and custom media. With over 15 years in F&B management mixed with 10+ years of hospitality industry experience, Nick has taken industry related event ideas from concept and have performed every detail needed to produce high-caliber global summits and conferences. He has spent a majority of his career putting together succinct growth strategies for fortune 500 companies as well as developing programs to achieve sustainability goals for these companies.

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