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Join us to learn more about delivering a Smart Retail store for your business. Retailers are working through lots of change due to millennial and digital native customers wanting more in their shopping experience. Retailers need insights to determine merchandise mix, optimal footprint for stores, improving path to purchase to optimize conversion. So how do retailers gain the insight they need to deliver an awesome experience, improve loyalty and deliver the right experience across all channels? By creating an Intelligent environment that allows them to understand what’s happening with customers and store associates and take action to improve that process as it happens.

Current is excited to share not only our view of Intelligent Environments that supports sensor and other IOT data integration but how our partner Motionloft is delivering additional insights through their video and analytics solution. Understand how Motionloft delivers value both inside and outside the retail store to truly understand your customers and improve business performance.

Featured Speakers:

Christopher W. Garrison
Vice President of Business Development Chris Garrison is VP of Business Development and a CoFounder at Motionloft. Chris has a deep interest in sensor technologies, the Internet of Things industry, and Intelligent Cities. Chris started his career at Google, where he worked as a Global Program Manager for the Consumer Technology division, it was there that he collaborated on initiatives to connect the dots between the online and offline analytics industries.

Recognizing the need reliable, accurate data sources for the physical world, Chris joined the team to found Motionloft, with the goal of delivering ubiquitous and widely accessible behavioral data to an array of industries. With degrees from the University of Illinois in Political Science and Information Technology, Chris is passionate about how data can be used to improve everything from analytical decision making and operational efficiency, to streamlining municipal services, changing how we interact with the cities we live in.

David Thielet
Strategic Alliances Dave leads Current’s ISV Partner Ecosystem. For the past 2 years, his focus has been on developing the go-to-market models for ISV partners, creating Current’s ISV commercial vehicles, and engaging with sales to drive revenue through partnerships. He is passionate about the interplay and practical use of IoT, Big Data and collaborative ecosystems to solve current and emerging business needs in the digital economy. He is based in Cleveland, OH and has been with GE since 2014.

Jerri Trafflet
Retail Marketing Manager Jerri Traflet drives the Retail vertical Marketing strategy for Current, powered by GE. With more than 30 years of experience as a retailer and delivering bleeding edge solutions through Retail technology leaders such as IBM, Oracle, Cisco and others, her work has been transformational in addressing key business outcomes for retailers globally across all segments. Engagements with Walmart, Metro, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Harrods, Carrefour, Ahold-Delhaize and others has provided tremendous insight in delivering innovation in customer experience, associate productivity and operational excellence.

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