You are invited to watch the "The Importance of Finding the Right Light" webinar on-demand

Every growing environment is different. So why should the same LED growing system be applied to all conditions, locations and crops?

At Current, we know the impact the right light can have—both on energy consumption and cultivating the ideal growing environment for your specific crops. That’s why our experts will be delving into the science of LED color spectrums and grow lights in the webinar, “The Importance of Finding the Right Light.”

During this session, our team will also provide more information on the latest top light LED growing system to join the Current portfolio, the Arize Element™ L1000. Specifically designed to enhance greenhouse growing, this new top light system is poised to help crops grow more efficiently with less heat and lower energy usage.

Watch to learn:

  • The effects that different color spectrums can have on your crop
  • The differences between light quantity and light quality
  • How the new Arize Element 1000W HPS replacement helps you get more out of your greenhouse

Featured Speakers:

Bruno D’Amico
Product Manager – Horticulture, Current by GE

Bruno is the Product Manager for Horticulture Lighting at Current, powered by GE. Bruno is responsible for the complete product portfolio and ensuring that products are meeting customer requirements. Bruno holds a degree in mechanical engineering and has spent the last eight years designing LED solutions for Current’s Transportation portfolio. Bruno’s thorough knowledge and understanding of fixture design allows Current to meet their high reliability and safety standards. Bruno enjoys working closely with customers to better understand their challenges and finding solutions that meet their requirements.

Hans Spalholz
Plant Scientist, Current by GE

Hans is a Horticulture Plant Scientist at Current, powered by GE, with a broad background in agriculture that spans multiple continents and many cropping systems. Hans holds a PhD degree in horticulture with a specialty in controlled environment agriculture and light physiology. Hans’ education and experience compliment Current’s world class engineering team perfectly. By understanding how light quality affects plants, Hans can better help Current customers address their lighting and growing needs.

Eden Dubuc
Senior Technology Architect, Current by GE

Eden is a Senior Technology Architect at Current powered by GE. Growing up on a farm, Eden and his family produced over 10,000,000 kg of onions per year. Since joining GE in 1998, Eden has held several positions across the indoor, outdoor and specialty product lines. Now responsible for the horticultural lighting portfolio, Eden combines his passion for horticulture with his expertise in LED lighting systems, allowing Current to meet their high product standards and produce the most innovative products on the market.

Watch On-Demand

Duration: 60 minutes
Level: Beginner