You are invited to watch the Making Cities Street Smart with Lighting and Digital Deployments Webinar on-demand

What if you could connect first responders to incidents and locations where they’re needed before anyone called 911?

What if you could optimize traffic flow and identify open parking spots to make it easier for drivers to get where they’re going?

What if you could reduce energy consumption to save your city and its citizens money while working toward sustainability goals?

These scenarios are all possible with the help of smart lighting and smart city technology. Municipal leaders and utilities who embrace digital strategies have an opportunity to revolutionize how they operate, while lowering costs and increasing safety. But they cannot do this alone. They need a partner who can provide the solutions and expertise needed to embark on this journey.

On June 27, 2019, Current’s own Denise Pucilowski and Himamshu Prasad will share some lessons they’ve learned in their years of working with cities and utilities to deploy smart initiatives. Sharing real use cases and case studies, the duo will help guide interested parties as they explore the prospect of smart lighting and smart city deployments.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • The difference between smart lighting and smart cities
  • Key considerations of a smart lighting deployment
  • What municipalities around the world are doing to deploy smart city technology and encourage adoption among citizens

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Featured Speakers:

Himamshu Prasad
GM – LED Platforms Controls - Current, powered by GE
Himamshu is currently the GM for LED Platform Controls at Current. In this role, he is responsible for Current’s Electronics and Controls for indoor and outdoor applications including LED Drivers, Sensors and Control systems. Himamshu has over 20 years of global work experience in the Lighting Industry in US and Asia. Earlier, he was the Country Manager of GE Lighting’s India Business based in Bangalore. Prior to this Himamshu was the Global Technology Manager for GE Lighting’s Ballast Electronics and Controls product line based in Cleveland.

Denise Pucilowski
Director of Innovation, Intelligent Cities - Current, powered by GE
Denise serves as the National Sales leader for Current, powered by GE’s Intelligent Cities solution. Within her role, she leads strategic initiatives to drive market adoption and deliver desired outcomes for all Utility and Municipality segments, while helping the sales teams to build a long-term partnership with the customers. Prior to the current role, Denise served as the Sales Operations Manager for all Utility, Municipality, and Department of Transportation supporting on a number of strategic initiatives including designing and developing commercial programs, aligning internal stakeholders to support market and customer needs, and improving customer experiences.

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Duration: 60 minutes
Level: Beginner