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A new era of retail is upon us. Is your store infrastructure prepared? Now is the time to outfit your facility with technology that will improve operations today while still preparing for the innovations of tomorrow.

Grocery stores and other retail spaces with refrigerated or freezer aisles have a unique opportunity to leverage new IoT solutions to streamline operations. IMS Evolve, now using data from Current by GE’s sensor network, provides near real-time insights that help facilities improve cold chain management and automate processes that save time and money. The partnership between IMS Evolve and Current helps businesses better monitor assets, prevent food loss, lower maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption—and that’s just the beginning of what this technology can unlock in a retail environment.

Leslie Hand, the Vice President of Retail Insights at IDC, will join the team from Current and IMS Evolve for a discussion on how retail technology can impact business operations and expenses. With a wealth of experience working in and analyzing the retail industry, Leslie will bring her expertise to the webinar, as well as top strategic tips for ushering store operations into tomorrow.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What digital challenges persist across the industry
  • The main barriers to the adoption of a retail IoT system and how to overcome them
  • Ways new IoT solutions are shaping the retail industry
  • How Current by GE and IMS Evolve can be integrated into a store to improve operations and performance

Featured Speakers:

Leslie Hand
Vice President, IDC Retail InsightsAs Vice President for IDC Retail Insights, Leslie Hand is responsible for the research direction for IDC Retail Insights, and leads research related to the digital transformation of retail omnichannel operations. Hand works with retailers and technology providers on developing best practices and strategies, aligned with where they are, and where they want to go, leveraging IDC quantitative and qualitative data sets.

Mark Cleland
Digital Retail Director, Current by GEMark is the Digital Retail Director responsible for leading the Current IMS platform for the retail segment in North America. He previously worked as a Strategic Account Manager for Current focused on national retailers. Mark started his GE career in 2004 in manufacturing operations at a GE Lighting facility in Toronto and progressed through various design and process engineering roles as part of GE’s Technical Leadership Program. Mark joined GE Capital as Access GE Director in 2012, then rejoined Current in 2017 in a commercial role with Strategic Accounts.

Jason Kay
Chief Commercial Officer, IMS EvolveJason is the CCO and one of the founding members of the IMS Evolve Executive Board. Jason has led teams that have advised global market-leading customers in the implementation of IoT platforms that have transformed their competitiveness in customer satisfaction and cost. He has driven programmes across 15 countries and three continents with particular focus on the food retail, energy and financial services sectors.

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Duration: 60 minutes
Level: Beginner